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Government Of Assam Chief Minister Samagra Gramya Unnayan Yojana

What We Do

  • The Chief Minister Samagra Gramya Unnayan Yojana (CMSGUY) would aim at nine critical areas and the related Missions/programmes are: 

    • Fishery Mission
    • Milk Mission
    • Organic Mission
    • Land Management and Conservation Mission
    • Sericulture, Khadi and Cottage Industry Mission
    • Road and broadband connectivity
    • Semi-processing, processing and market linkages
    • Youth-Yoga-Sports Mission
    • e-gram Mission

    There will be one Mega-Mission and different Missions there under. The implementation will be through these Missions/programmes.


    The synergy among various Missions will be achieved with a single objective of the Mega Mission i.e. doubling the farm income. Each Mission will have independent targets and outcomes which are aggregated and converged into the overall Mega-Mission targets. The concerned line departments will be fully involved in a project mode in each Mission/programme thereunder. There will be a registered Society and this Mega Mission Society would serve as an overarching entity. Each of the Missions thereunder in respective departments would work under the overall supervision of the Mega Mission Society in order to ensure the requisite convergence, synergy and linkages from end-to-end of the economic activities.

    A dedicated project team in the Society with proper monitoring systems in place will be provided so that all Missions are implemented in time, funds released timely and outcomes are monitored and evaluated from time to time in order to ensure that the farm income doubles by the end of the Mission.

    Economic activity will be specific to the village and places like Hill Areas can focus on potential sectors like rubber, bamboo and horticulture plantations. In short, the key economic activity will be decided by each village and thus it is self-customized and not top-driven.

    A mass movement will be created through the Mega Mission and the energy and strengths of the community will be fully tapped in the implementation process so that Complete Rural Empowerment in Assam will be achieved in the true spirit. 


    There are 25,425 villages (2011 Census) in Assam. The vision is that each and every revenue village is covered by the end of the Mission period by covering at least a quarter of them annually for four years. It means that annually, the Mission requires to cover about 6,356 villages in four years from 2017-18 onwards as the first year requires preparatory activities such as establishment of Mega Mission and Missions, man power planning, baseline survey, pilot village projects, etc.